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Mixed Media Art & Jewelry

Mixed Media Art & Jewelry

Original Work and Giclee Prints


Original Work and Giclee Prints

Art is all about Connection

In this modern age of technology we have come to a time and place where mass production and instant gratification are the norm.  We have so much readily available, but we are not satisfied.  Welcome! Today, you have come to a place that feels refreshingly new, where you will not find trending, fading thrills, but something that is real and lasting.  Here, there is a spiritual and personal connection to something more, something that reflects "you".

Art is Spiritual

 It moves you.  There is a  feeling, a thirst from deep within.  It cannot be satisfied with the ordinary, it seeks connection, depth and meaning, A rooted desire that means passing by the superficial, to search for what is unseen.  It means peace and presence. It will last.

Art is Personal

It is visual, it is the delight of being drawn in,  Does the color catch you, the shapes, subject, textures?  You are unique, the message or appeal of a piece is very personal, it will be different for each of us. Take your time, seek what really connects, find what is meant for you as an individual.

Art Speaks 

 It is your voice.  It is not just a painting chosen to fill a wall or a color that matches a sofa.  Art is a language that speaks to the heart, it is a work that will communicate deeply each time you survey it.  In addition, it will convey your heart and passion to others, What you display speaks for you.



As a child I loved being outdoors, my pockets were always filled with beautiful stones.  Each treasure was carefully collected, chosen by color, shape, texture and a deep feeling of personal connection. These same standards and spirit guide my daily creative endeavors. My work is rich in color and texture with deliberate lines and a deep sense of spiritual connection. It is my goal to reflect the beauty of the earth and in turn draw people to our Creator.

Mixed Media Collage

I use a variety of mediums, such as India Ink, acrylics, and hand inked watercolor paper, as well as handmade and vintage papers. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

Sterling Silver Jewelry


My jewelry designs have an organic feel, most are centered around natural stones. All are completed in solid sterling silver wire.

My Story



I was born and raised on the banks of Gunpowder River, a tributary of Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast of the U.S.  My fondest memories are of fishing, blue crabs, cattails, sandy shores, the coolness of natural springs, and the majesty of the great blue heron. I am an admirer and collector of nature, especially stones, of which I have an extensive collection, lovingly gathered over many precious years. 



I am an Artisan, who has studied jewelry wire wrap techniques under a Native American of the Cherokee Tribe.  Through my mentor, I gained an even greater respect for the beauty of God's creation and our connection to it. Today, each stone specimen is carefully chosen and of the highest quality, then finely detailed in solid sterling silver. It is my joy and hope to connect you with the perfect piece that will be cherished  and lovingly worn for many years.


Visual Art

As an Artist, I am primarily self- taught, having learned specific techniques  through various sources and fellow artists. My life has been a journey of exploring, I find great pleasure in using new tools and mediums, I am constantly growing and learning creative ways to express myself and relate to others. That expression comes from a very deep place within, a kinship to my Heavenly Father, and to all that he has so lovingly designed for his children. This connection to the Master Artist is what compels me to create, so that his amazing nature and beautiful spirit may be shared in my own unique way. It is my hope and joy to convey peace and presence through my work.


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